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Monday, December 22, 2014

Asking for Protection For Telepaths and Scribes


Asking for Protection

For Telepaths and Scribes

Nazira:  [For the past 48 hours I have felt a concerted effort by the dark to influence my thought patterns and convince me that it is time to stop, to cease doing Light Work.  Today I learn that this has occurred to three other telepaths.  I shall ask for protection and assistance for all telepaths who work voluntarily, giving unceasingly of their time and effort to challenge the dark, and to present the truth.]

H:  I wish to communicate with my assigned Guardian, Methusaleh.  I wish him to ask Supreme Creator to call on Legions of Angels to tend to the needs of those who serve as scribes, spiritual guides, channels, telepaths.  The dark have directed their powers toward them, in a last ditch effort to subdue the uprising of the people on Earth.  My station in open.  Please come in.

Methusaleh:  We hear your clarion call.  We are aware of the tactics of the dark ones, and thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We will indeed ask Supreme Creator to send Angels and the Elemental Kingdom to your aid.  May we also suggest that as you rise in the morning, and when you retire at night, that you place yourself in a bubble of Protective Light.  You may use incense and Native traditional devices as well.  Suitable music will also create a loving and protective atmosphere around you.  Whenever a dark thought penetrates, send out the thought, “CANCEL THAT.”  You might also work in pairs, since two souls are usually more powerful than one.  This is the time for those who can communicate between Heaven and Earth to receive the support and protection they need and deserve.

Nazira:  Thank you very much.

Received by Nazira on 
Dec 16 14   6:37 a.m.

Monday, December 1, 2014



Think With the Heart
Act Through the Heart
Live in the Heart
Speak the Heart

Enoch Lesson

Thoth:  Why is reconciliation necessary at this moment in history?
N:  Because there is much to forgive.
Thoth:  List six items.
N:  War, hatred, poverty, lack of education, humiliation, greed.
Thoth:  Which is the worst.
N:  None.  Each has its own pain, followed by painful results.
Thoth:  If you had the power to change this situation, what would you do?
N:  I would introduce love.
Thoth:  Are you sure?
N:  You tell me what I should do first.
Thoth:  Fill your heart with overflowing love.
N:   I see.  Thank you.
T:  What will you do next, with a heart overflowing?
N:  I would look at the negative aspect, create a positive aspect in my mind, and manifest that positive aspect.
Thoth:  Did you receive the thought from the Thought World?
N:  No, I received it from my heart.
Thoth:  Then what will you do with that heart full of overflowing love?
H:  Let it overflow.
Thoth:  You are right. 
Enoch:  Is there a progression to this activity?
N:  Loving people naturally think of something to do that will accompany their overflowing love.
Enoch:  Can you enlarge this thought form to include a community?

N:  [I became weary and the lesson ended.]

Message from Sananda Jesus
October 30, 2014   7:50 a.m.

My child listen unto me.  Your path will be strewn with roses soon.  Have no fear, I am here and I care for you.

Think less and enjoy more.

Why do we come short of the expectations of the people?  Why is everything not appearing?

Listen to me.  Mankind is being tested.  If he will love, all things will come unto him.  If he will hate, misfortune and evil doings will be upon him.  If he remain neutral, he will feel neutrality – nothing.  Nothing at all.

Which do you prefer?

Then take that road.  If you take the road of Love, all things will be given unto you.

I have spoken.

I am Sananda Jesus, the One Who Has Come.  I am here.  You will see me soon.


Received by Nazira
October 30, 2014



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