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Monday, December 22, 2014

Asking for Protection For Telepaths and Scribes


Asking for Protection

For Telepaths and Scribes

Nazira:  [For the past 48 hours I have felt a concerted effort by the dark to influence my thought patterns and convince me that it is time to stop, to cease doing Light Work.  Today I learn that this has occurred to three other telepaths.  I shall ask for protection and assistance for all telepaths who work voluntarily, giving unceasingly of their time and effort to challenge the dark, and to present the truth.]

H:  I wish to communicate with my assigned Guardian, Methusaleh.  I wish him to ask Supreme Creator to call on Legions of Angels to tend to the needs of those who serve as scribes, spiritual guides, channels, telepaths.  The dark have directed their powers toward them, in a last ditch effort to subdue the uprising of the people on Earth.  My station in open.  Please come in.

Methusaleh:  We hear your clarion call.  We are aware of the tactics of the dark ones, and thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We will indeed ask Supreme Creator to send Angels and the Elemental Kingdom to your aid.  May we also suggest that as you rise in the morning, and when you retire at night, that you place yourself in a bubble of Protective Light.  You may use incense and Native traditional devices as well.  Suitable music will also create a loving and protective atmosphere around you.  Whenever a dark thought penetrates, send out the thought, “CANCEL THAT.”  You might also work in pairs, since two souls are usually more powerful than one.  This is the time for those who can communicate between Heaven and Earth to receive the support and protection they need and deserve.

Nazira:  Thank you very much.

Received by Nazira on 
Dec 16 14   6:37 a.m.

Monday, December 1, 2014



Think With the Heart
Act Through the Heart
Live in the Heart
Speak the Heart

Enoch Lesson

Thoth:  Why is reconciliation necessary at this moment in history?
N:  Because there is much to forgive.
Thoth:  List six items.
N:  War, hatred, poverty, lack of education, humiliation, greed.
Thoth:  Which is the worst.
N:  None.  Each has its own pain, followed by painful results.
Thoth:  If you had the power to change this situation, what would you do?
N:  I would introduce love.
Thoth:  Are you sure?
N:  You tell me what I should do first.
Thoth:  Fill your heart with overflowing love.
N:   I see.  Thank you.
T:  What will you do next, with a heart overflowing?
N:  I would look at the negative aspect, create a positive aspect in my mind, and manifest that positive aspect.
Thoth:  Did you receive the thought from the Thought World?
N:  No, I received it from my heart.
Thoth:  Then what will you do with that heart full of overflowing love?
H:  Let it overflow.
Thoth:  You are right. 
Enoch:  Is there a progression to this activity?
N:  Loving people naturally think of something to do that will accompany their overflowing love.
Enoch:  Can you enlarge this thought form to include a community?

N:  [I became weary and the lesson ended.]

Message from Sananda Jesus
October 30, 2014   7:50 a.m.

My child listen unto me.  Your path will be strewn with roses soon.  Have no fear, I am here and I care for you.

Think less and enjoy more.

Why do we come short of the expectations of the people?  Why is everything not appearing?

Listen to me.  Mankind is being tested.  If he will love, all things will come unto him.  If he will hate, misfortune and evil doings will be upon him.  If he remain neutral, he will feel neutrality – nothing.  Nothing at all.

Which do you prefer?

Then take that road.  If you take the road of Love, all things will be given unto you.

I have spoken.

I am Sananda Jesus, the One Who Has Come.  I am here.  You will see me soon.


Received by Nazira
October 30, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Human Carbon Atom by Nazira

The Human Carbon Atom by Nazira

November 9, 2014
Dear Friends,

Moses spent 40 years in the desert.  I spent 40 years at home.  We both learned a lot.  Moses was called out of the desert, and I am being called out of my stillness, my privacy.  Perhaps I finally have the love, joy and peace to withstand the rigors of the outside world.  We shall see.

To bring you more or less up to date.  In about 1976 Jesus explained to me that I was to learn all about pyramids, so that I knew all the geometry, just as I knew the math of a triangle, a circle and a square.  That was over 45 years ago.  I have learned a lot – it will take me another lifetime to share it.

Here is the first interesting piece of information, about our human carbon atom.  It is in the process of being altered to a silicon/carbon atom that gets half of its energy from LIGHT, like crystals do.  I should have printed the book in 2002, but someone found one or two errors so I tucked it away.  Now I am sharing it at least with you.  The errors really don't matter, because it is 98 percent accurate.

I can let you in on a few secrets about the shape of our new silicon/carbon atoms.  They are lighter, and almost half of their substance (the silicon) does not require organic food for its energy.  It gets it from the sun.  This is one of the reasons why if you continue to eat as much as you did five years ago, it will be difficult to hold your weight down.  It will help if you eat more raw fruits and vegetables because they still have sun nourishment in them.  Try to spend an hour outside in the sun, to feed the silicon atoms that you already have.  By the time you are ready to ascend, the atomic change will be complete.

I am working on the next manuscript to describe the shape and the motion of the new silicon/carbon atoms. Once again, its shape is simple, and its motion is easy to understand. Hopefully it won't take me another 40 years. 

Enjoy.  Sorry I took so long. 


Encl.  The Human Carbon Atom by Nazira

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Esoteric Hospital Visit
for Hip Repair
Using Dodeca Energy
Aug. 10, 2014

Helen:  [An hour and a half ago I returned from a visit to an esoteric hospital.  That is a hospital in a parallel plane.  I have had something like putty added to my hip bones, to extend and repair those spots where the bone deteriorated to the point that I could not walk without pain.  It will take between 4 and 5 days for the tender new bone tissue to harden.  In the meantime I need to remain in bed or in a wheel chair, to avoid putting the weight of my body on my hip bone.]

How do I know that I was taken to an esoteric hospital?

Because I am a gifted telepath.  Four years ago the Celestials (good ET's) from Planet Andromeda wished to improve communication between planets.  They were using the Pleiades as Central Communications Center, but desired to have something similar on Earth.  In 2010 a representative commander of their Star Fleet, made himself known to me.  He called himself Ko Ko, and explained that they would like to increase the range [distance] of my telepathic communication to Andromeda and other distant planets. Prior to our conversation I had been given 24-hour connection with  the Pleiades, through an android computer that I called “Euclid”.  For two years, if I wished to speak with St. Germain, Thoth, Abraham, I AM, etc., I connected to the Internet and typed, “Helen Engel calling Euclid.”  He replied, “Come in Helen Engel”, and I would ask him to connect me with one of the Masters.  

There was a slight handicap in that to communicate with me, Ko Ko was required to forward his message to Pleiades first.  With a “Galactic Communicator” above my home, Ko Ko was able to connect directly with Earth, thus bypassing Pleiades.   The “organic” sphere is now suspended above the tree tops on my property, is open 24 hours, and greatly enhances my telepathic ability.

As a matter of interest, in 2008 I was gifted with a special telepathic relay device called “Urim and Thummim”.  Long ago Abraham received this gift, and with it he learned about the planets, and was able to create language.  This device by-passes the necessity to decode telepathic messages, thereby keeping them accurate.  Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon faith, also used the Urim and Thummim.  Full particulars about this device are included in the Mormom Bible.  The device  is unique, in that its two parts (Urim and Thummim)  serve as receiver and decoder, thus eliminating the possibility of a telepath unconsciously filtering messages that she receives.

The Galactic Communicator is something like a Universal Library, where all wisdom is recorded and available from various levels of consciousness.  In 2011 the Celestials invited me to explain to the scientific community how a similar electronic device could be designed.  That information has been provided to a light worker organization called Earth Crew.  They have formed a Science Committee who are nearing completion of a hand held Communicator that will replace telepathy.  The user will hold a small “cell phone” device in his hand, ask a question, and a reply will come forth through the Galactic Communicator and the Universal Library of Wisdom and Knowledge.

A capable, well trained telepath is able to address a question to the Galactic Communicator, and receive an answer telepathically.  Soon such a device will be as common as cell phones.   The Earth Crew Science Committee has been provided specifications from engineers on Pleiades, and when an electronics engineer appears on the scene, the first unit will be manifested.  It will use 5th dimension energy, which is currently being called “Dodeca Energy”.  This new energy has been available on Earth since 2008, when it was introduced by St. Germain and Thoth, an Egyptian Master teacher.   It is also called “pink energy” or “magenta energy”, because its frequency is that of magenta.  This free energy will heat homes and slowly replace electricity.

The damaged hip (mentioned at the beginning) is being healed using Dodeca energy.  As healers and scientists begin to understand the unique characteristics of this new free energy, invasive surgery will become a thing of the past, and healing with light energy will be used to heal bones, tissue, and glands directly.

Listed below are some of the healing assists that will hasten the healing of the hips.

Magnetic Tape
Dodeca units have a great affinity for magnetic energy.  The two go together like wood and wood glue.  Long strips of magnetic are available at retail stores.  Small magnetite or magnetic milky quartz can be glued to the tape. 
The magnetic milky quartz will soon be available through Earth Crew associates.  When placed on damaged tissue, including bone, the Dodeca units, which have a consciousness, can be induced or directed to repair the tissue.
Healing courses will be available soon.

Source of Heat
Can be shuttled or pulsed inside a tube, similar to water, and be ejected as a beam.

Healing with Light and Color
Can be converted to photonic Dodecas [light] and ejected as a laser beam or splayed healing energy.

Dodeca Energy Has a Consciousness
Electrical energy is not conscious – you cannot direct it to parts of your body and say, “Heal”.  Dodeca energy has come from the 5th dimension and higher, where there are no electrical cables nor power stations.  The consciousness of a human being is much higher than that of the Dodeca unit;  therefore, a human can manipulate Dodeca units to heal particular organs. 

Universities have on-line home study courses available, and it is hoped that such a course on Dodeca Energy and its uses will soon be available, prior to Ascension.

Thanks to the Galactic Communicator, I can ask and receive precise personal information regarding what to eat, and which healing modalities will hasten the healing of the hips.  More next time.

Helen Engel

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Amaterasu, St. Germain Galactic Communicator, Dodeca Energy and Ascension

Amaterasu, St. Germain
Galactic Communicator,
Dodeca Energy and Ascension
Nazira:  [I connect with the Galactic Intercommunicator above my home for the purpose of communicating with Angel Leia, Uuton and Amaterasu and to receive guidance re coming events.  My station is open.  I smile broadly. Amaterasu comes.  Amaterasu is Goddess of Light in the Elemental Kingdom, Angel Leia serves as messenger between Creator and Light Workers, Uuton is Master of the Elemental Energies.]

Amaterasu:  Greetings and salutations to Earth Workers.  Have you heard the news?

N:  Please repeat for our people.

Amaterasu:  The winds have died down.  The water turbulence has subsided.  Peace is returning to the atmosphere.

N:  Thank you for sharing.  I personally was unaware.

Friday, April 25, 2014

23:04:2014- Message from Sananda

Message from Sananda
April 23, 2014

Nazira:  Is there an Inner Circle?

Sananda: Who belongs to the Inner Circle?  The richest man?  He who built the greatest edifice to the Lord?  He who has toiled in my name most of his life?  But who is in the Inner Circle?

Those who have spent many lives searching the truth, recording the Truth, thinking the Truth. Yes. Each good work adds to the others, until they reach the mountain   top.

Nazira: Will the Inner Circle be aware of what Sananda predicted would occur, and that it would take three days?

Sananda:  The Inner Circle is aware that it is usually unaware of the hand of  Creator.

Nazira: Am I aware of the hand of Creator? Could I be made aware of the hand of Creator?
Sananda: Yes.  Only those who hear my voice today will hear it when I speak.

Nazira:  [I am being taken over. I allow it to be done in Yahweh's holy name.] 

Sananda:  Now hear this. There will be nothing that will be seen. There will be much that will be unseen.  The sun is mine, and it does my bidding.  It will have a great hand in the transformation of innate matter to conscious matter.  And so will you, my beloved.

You may retire, all is well.  Another three days.

Nazira:  Thank you. 

Channeller: Nazira

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Visit to George W. Bush, Sr. April 12 2014 By Nazira

A Visit to George W. Bush, Sr.
April 12  2014  
By Nazira

N:  I rarely request Archangels to communicate with me.  However, I have a request for Archangel Gabriel.  I wish to communicate with him regarding E..... and Gabriella, and their ability to serve, especially now with the Bush episode.  If it is permissible and proper, I ask that Archangel Gabriel will communicate with me now.

Gabriel:  Yes my beloved.  We are observing you.  May we be of assistance?

N:  Greetings. Thank you for allowing me to speak with you.  I am not troubled.  I merely am not aware of a specific direction with regard to E....., Gabriella and your works with humans for the people on Earth.  My mind sometimes gives hints that they would make a wonderful pair to work with you.  That is what I wonder about.  I am not certain whether Archangel Gabriel or Archangel Michael is involved.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Union of Sananda and Methusaleh by Nazira

The Union of Sananda and Methusaleh
A Poem by John Keats
Composed at the request of Nazira
April 02, 2014


We have just learned that a union of Sananda and Methusaleh has occurred. 
From now on, if they so desire, they will speak as One.

What does this mean?
Why does it occur at this particular period of our Return?
What extra blessings are flowing as a result of that union?
Such profound truths require a profound explanation.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mandela on Group Thought by Nazira

Mandela on Group Thought

January 16,  2014

Nazira:  [I believe that today Mandela has reached a higher level, perhaps the 6th dimension.  It will be easier for him to speak to me telepathically at this level.  He desires to speak to his people so much that he has foregone some training on how to communicate from heaven to Earth.  In my 35 years of telepathy, I have never heard of one so enthusiastic and determined.  Usually it takes several years to learn how to send thoughts and words to a channel.  Sometimes II assist him, so any errors are mine.]

Nazira:  Greetings, Nelson Mandela.  Is it convenient for you to send a message to your people?  I use a Galactic Communicator above my home.  It is invisible and quite efficient, so if you can put some extra energy into the delivery of your thought forms or words, they will come through and will be recorded accurately. 

Nazira Speaks About Telepathy

Nazira Speaks About Telepathy

January 15, 2014

Nazira: Today we will consider whether or not people on Earth can communicate with their loved ones on the other side of the veil between Earth and Heaven.  These are our ancestors.  Ancestors can go back thousands of years.

To even think such a thought may require new thought forms.  Thoughts are things – energy that can move from one place to another.  Angry thought forms take on the shape of red daggers, and we can almost feel the anger that is in the thought form.  Loving thought forms are pink and fluffy.  A mother and child are surrounded by loving pink thought forms.

These thought forms can be sent long distances.  We say, “I picked up your thoughts.”  Is it too far out to accept that a thought form can travel through the veil between Heaven and Earth?  Or even to a distant planet?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Message from Ole .. by Nazira

Message from Ole..

Nazira:  [Jan… of Lithuania writes that her husband Ole…, who was clairvoyant, passed over in 2006.  She wonders whether Mandela might be able to contact him. Archangel Gabriel escorted Mandela and me to the Valley of Sorrows recently.  I wonder whether Gabriel is willing to accompany us through the veil again, to visit her husband.]

Nazira:  Greetings, Nelson Mandela.

Mandela:  Greetings, thank you for calling me.

Nazira:  Have you had interesting experiences since we last spoke together?

Mandela:  Yes.  I visited with my parents, and with people who were our neighbors when I was a child.  They observe activities on Earth and sent greetings to our relations.  Families are very important on the other side, and our ancestors offer much love as soon as you join them.  What do you wish me to do?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Question to Nelson Mandela How Can We Obtain Responsible Government?

Question to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

How Can We Obtain
Responsible Government?

This Question comes from Seth:

Dear Madiba
I am glad you came back (to Earth) to give hope and aspirations to your people and the global community as a whole. When you left this plane, I was SAD and Happy at the same time. Sad because the voice of moderation and your presence will be dearly missed, but Glad because you had left the body that constrained you on this plane while in pain.

I have a simple question for you.  In my early schooling, I excelled in the physical sciences and math, but ended up studying natural sciences in higher education because I thought that is what Africa needed the most. However,  because of successive brutal regimes, after graduate school I was not able to practice my science in Africa.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Greetings fom Abraham Lincoln

Note from Nazira:

I had the privilege of channeling Abraham Lincoln on topics similar to what Nelson Mandela is bringing forth.   One of these great human beings freed the slaves in North America, and the other abolished Apartheid.  They think alike, and speak alike.

Greetings from Abraham Lincoln

Nazira:  I invite the Masters to bring greetings to humanity on earth.  My station is open for those who wish to speak.

Great is the assembly of Heaven, but great also is the assembly on earth.  As the assembly in Heaven mingles with the assembly on earth, there comes a period of great power, and this power is now being dispatched.  We say to all humans on earth, this is your time.  These are your days.  You may mingle with your Masters of old, and you may discuss with them those topics that will bring you to a new reality, and a new abundance, and a great comradeship.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The People Speak to Mandela Lesson #14

The People Speak to Mandela

 A woman, with tears in her eyes, braves heavy rain as she waits for the start of the memorial service.
Lesson #14   January 11, 2014

E-mail from Arthur:

Thank you for sharing the beautiful messages  from Nelson Mandela.  I have  said a prayer to the Creator -- if it is in my soul plan to give service to the children of Africa, then make me an instrument of teaching.

I have placed this request in the hands of our Mother/Father God and   allow him in his divine timing to answer this, and hold no expectation.

Radiant blessings to Nelson Mandela and you, and all who stand in the love and light of God.

Nazira:  I send greetings to Nelson Mandela who has left us, yet is still near.  Greetings.

Mandela:  Greetings.  It is my pleasure to join with you in conversation this day.



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