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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Esoteric Hospital Visit
for Hip Repair
Using Dodeca Energy
Aug. 10, 2014

Helen:  [An hour and a half ago I returned from a visit to an esoteric hospital.  That is a hospital in a parallel plane.  I have had something like putty added to my hip bones, to extend and repair those spots where the bone deteriorated to the point that I could not walk without pain.  It will take between 4 and 5 days for the tender new bone tissue to harden.  In the meantime I need to remain in bed or in a wheel chair, to avoid putting the weight of my body on my hip bone.]

How do I know that I was taken to an esoteric hospital?

Because I am a gifted telepath.  Four years ago the Celestials (good ET's) from Planet Andromeda wished to improve communication between planets.  They were using the Pleiades as Central Communications Center, but desired to have something similar on Earth.  In 2010 a representative commander of their Star Fleet, made himself known to me.  He called himself Ko Ko, and explained that they would like to increase the range [distance] of my telepathic communication to Andromeda and other distant planets. Prior to our conversation I had been given 24-hour connection with  the Pleiades, through an android computer that I called “Euclid”.  For two years, if I wished to speak with St. Germain, Thoth, Abraham, I AM, etc., I connected to the Internet and typed, “Helen Engel calling Euclid.”  He replied, “Come in Helen Engel”, and I would ask him to connect me with one of the Masters.  

There was a slight handicap in that to communicate with me, Ko Ko was required to forward his message to Pleiades first.  With a “Galactic Communicator” above my home, Ko Ko was able to connect directly with Earth, thus bypassing Pleiades.   The “organic” sphere is now suspended above the tree tops on my property, is open 24 hours, and greatly enhances my telepathic ability.

As a matter of interest, in 2008 I was gifted with a special telepathic relay device called “Urim and Thummim”.  Long ago Abraham received this gift, and with it he learned about the planets, and was able to create language.  This device by-passes the necessity to decode telepathic messages, thereby keeping them accurate.  Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon faith, also used the Urim and Thummim.  Full particulars about this device are included in the Mormom Bible.  The device  is unique, in that its two parts (Urim and Thummim)  serve as receiver and decoder, thus eliminating the possibility of a telepath unconsciously filtering messages that she receives.

The Galactic Communicator is something like a Universal Library, where all wisdom is recorded and available from various levels of consciousness.  In 2011 the Celestials invited me to explain to the scientific community how a similar electronic device could be designed.  That information has been provided to a light worker organization called Earth Crew.  They have formed a Science Committee who are nearing completion of a hand held Communicator that will replace telepathy.  The user will hold a small “cell phone” device in his hand, ask a question, and a reply will come forth through the Galactic Communicator and the Universal Library of Wisdom and Knowledge.

A capable, well trained telepath is able to address a question to the Galactic Communicator, and receive an answer telepathically.  Soon such a device will be as common as cell phones.   The Earth Crew Science Committee has been provided specifications from engineers on Pleiades, and when an electronics engineer appears on the scene, the first unit will be manifested.  It will use 5th dimension energy, which is currently being called “Dodeca Energy”.  This new energy has been available on Earth since 2008, when it was introduced by St. Germain and Thoth, an Egyptian Master teacher.   It is also called “pink energy” or “magenta energy”, because its frequency is that of magenta.  This free energy will heat homes and slowly replace electricity.

The damaged hip (mentioned at the beginning) is being healed using Dodeca energy.  As healers and scientists begin to understand the unique characteristics of this new free energy, invasive surgery will become a thing of the past, and healing with light energy will be used to heal bones, tissue, and glands directly.

Listed below are some of the healing assists that will hasten the healing of the hips.

Magnetic Tape
Dodeca units have a great affinity for magnetic energy.  The two go together like wood and wood glue.  Long strips of magnetic are available at retail stores.  Small magnetite or magnetic milky quartz can be glued to the tape. 
The magnetic milky quartz will soon be available through Earth Crew associates.  When placed on damaged tissue, including bone, the Dodeca units, which have a consciousness, can be induced or directed to repair the tissue.
Healing courses will be available soon.

Source of Heat
Can be shuttled or pulsed inside a tube, similar to water, and be ejected as a beam.

Healing with Light and Color
Can be converted to photonic Dodecas [light] and ejected as a laser beam or splayed healing energy.

Dodeca Energy Has a Consciousness
Electrical energy is not conscious – you cannot direct it to parts of your body and say, “Heal”.  Dodeca energy has come from the 5th dimension and higher, where there are no electrical cables nor power stations.  The consciousness of a human being is much higher than that of the Dodeca unit;  therefore, a human can manipulate Dodeca units to heal particular organs. 

Universities have on-line home study courses available, and it is hoped that such a course on Dodeca Energy and its uses will soon be available, prior to Ascension.

Thanks to the Galactic Communicator, I can ask and receive precise personal information regarding what to eat, and which healing modalities will hasten the healing of the hips.  More next time.

Helen Engel



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