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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Amaterasu, St. Germain Galactic Communicator, Dodeca Energy and Ascension

Amaterasu, St. Germain
Galactic Communicator,
Dodeca Energy and Ascension
Nazira:  [I connect with the Galactic Intercommunicator above my home for the purpose of communicating with Angel Leia, Uuton and Amaterasu and to receive guidance re coming events.  My station is open.  I smile broadly. Amaterasu comes.  Amaterasu is Goddess of Light in the Elemental Kingdom, Angel Leia serves as messenger between Creator and Light Workers, Uuton is Master of the Elemental Energies.]

Amaterasu:  Greetings and salutations to Earth Workers.  Have you heard the news?

N:  Please repeat for our people.

Amaterasu:  The winds have died down.  The water turbulence has subsided.  Peace is returning to the atmosphere.

N:  Thank you for sharing.  I personally was unaware.

Friday, April 25, 2014

23:04:2014- Message from Sananda

Message from Sananda
April 23, 2014

Nazira:  Is there an Inner Circle?

Sananda: Who belongs to the Inner Circle?  The richest man?  He who built the greatest edifice to the Lord?  He who has toiled in my name most of his life?  But who is in the Inner Circle?

Those who have spent many lives searching the truth, recording the Truth, thinking the Truth. Yes. Each good work adds to the others, until they reach the mountain   top.

Nazira: Will the Inner Circle be aware of what Sananda predicted would occur, and that it would take three days?

Sananda:  The Inner Circle is aware that it is usually unaware of the hand of  Creator.

Nazira: Am I aware of the hand of Creator? Could I be made aware of the hand of Creator?
Sananda: Yes.  Only those who hear my voice today will hear it when I speak.

Nazira:  [I am being taken over. I allow it to be done in Yahweh's holy name.] 

Sananda:  Now hear this. There will be nothing that will be seen. There will be much that will be unseen.  The sun is mine, and it does my bidding.  It will have a great hand in the transformation of innate matter to conscious matter.  And so will you, my beloved.

You may retire, all is well.  Another three days.

Nazira:  Thank you. 

Channeller: Nazira

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Visit to George W. Bush, Sr. April 12 2014 By Nazira

A Visit to George W. Bush, Sr.
April 12  2014  
By Nazira

N:  I rarely request Archangels to communicate with me.  However, I have a request for Archangel Gabriel.  I wish to communicate with him regarding E..... and Gabriella, and their ability to serve, especially now with the Bush episode.  If it is permissible and proper, I ask that Archangel Gabriel will communicate with me now.

Gabriel:  Yes my beloved.  We are observing you.  May we be of assistance?

N:  Greetings. Thank you for allowing me to speak with you.  I am not troubled.  I merely am not aware of a specific direction with regard to E....., Gabriella and your works with humans for the people on Earth.  My mind sometimes gives hints that they would make a wonderful pair to work with you.  That is what I wonder about.  I am not certain whether Archangel Gabriel or Archangel Michael is involved.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Union of Sananda and Methusaleh by Nazira

The Union of Sananda and Methusaleh
A Poem by John Keats
Composed at the request of Nazira
April 02, 2014


We have just learned that a union of Sananda and Methusaleh has occurred. 
From now on, if they so desire, they will speak as One.

What does this mean?
Why does it occur at this particular period of our Return?
What extra blessings are flowing as a result of that union?
Such profound truths require a profound explanation.



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