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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mandela on Group Thought by Nazira

Mandela on Group Thought

January 16,  2014

Nazira:  [I believe that today Mandela has reached a higher level, perhaps the 6th dimension.  It will be easier for him to speak to me telepathically at this level.  He desires to speak to his people so much that he has foregone some training on how to communicate from heaven to Earth.  In my 35 years of telepathy, I have never heard of one so enthusiastic and determined.  Usually it takes several years to learn how to send thoughts and words to a channel.  Sometimes II assist him, so any errors are mine.]

Nazira:  Greetings, Nelson Mandela.  Is it convenient for you to send a message to your people?  I use a Galactic Communicator above my home.  It is invisible and quite efficient, so if you can put some extra energy into the delivery of your thought forms or words, they will come through and will be recorded accurately. 

Nazira Speaks About Telepathy

Nazira Speaks About Telepathy

January 15, 2014

Nazira: Today we will consider whether or not people on Earth can communicate with their loved ones on the other side of the veil between Earth and Heaven.  These are our ancestors.  Ancestors can go back thousands of years.

To even think such a thought may require new thought forms.  Thoughts are things – energy that can move from one place to another.  Angry thought forms take on the shape of red daggers, and we can almost feel the anger that is in the thought form.  Loving thought forms are pink and fluffy.  A mother and child are surrounded by loving pink thought forms.

These thought forms can be sent long distances.  We say, “I picked up your thoughts.”  Is it too far out to accept that a thought form can travel through the veil between Heaven and Earth?  Or even to a distant planet?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Message from Ole .. by Nazira

Message from Ole..

Nazira:  [Jan… of Lithuania writes that her husband Ole…, who was clairvoyant, passed over in 2006.  She wonders whether Mandela might be able to contact him. Archangel Gabriel escorted Mandela and me to the Valley of Sorrows recently.  I wonder whether Gabriel is willing to accompany us through the veil again, to visit her husband.]

Nazira:  Greetings, Nelson Mandela.

Mandela:  Greetings, thank you for calling me.

Nazira:  Have you had interesting experiences since we last spoke together?

Mandela:  Yes.  I visited with my parents, and with people who were our neighbors when I was a child.  They observe activities on Earth and sent greetings to our relations.  Families are very important on the other side, and our ancestors offer much love as soon as you join them.  What do you wish me to do?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Question to Nelson Mandela How Can We Obtain Responsible Government?

Question to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

How Can We Obtain
Responsible Government?

This Question comes from Seth:

Dear Madiba
I am glad you came back (to Earth) to give hope and aspirations to your people and the global community as a whole. When you left this plane, I was SAD and Happy at the same time. Sad because the voice of moderation and your presence will be dearly missed, but Glad because you had left the body that constrained you on this plane while in pain.

I have a simple question for you.  In my early schooling, I excelled in the physical sciences and math, but ended up studying natural sciences in higher education because I thought that is what Africa needed the most. However,  because of successive brutal regimes, after graduate school I was not able to practice my science in Africa.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Greetings fom Abraham Lincoln

Note from Nazira:

I had the privilege of channeling Abraham Lincoln on topics similar to what Nelson Mandela is bringing forth.   One of these great human beings freed the slaves in North America, and the other abolished Apartheid.  They think alike, and speak alike.

Greetings from Abraham Lincoln

Nazira:  I invite the Masters to bring greetings to humanity on earth.  My station is open for those who wish to speak.

Great is the assembly of Heaven, but great also is the assembly on earth.  As the assembly in Heaven mingles with the assembly on earth, there comes a period of great power, and this power is now being dispatched.  We say to all humans on earth, this is your time.  These are your days.  You may mingle with your Masters of old, and you may discuss with them those topics that will bring you to a new reality, and a new abundance, and a great comradeship.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The People Speak to Mandela Lesson #14

The People Speak to Mandela

 A woman, with tears in her eyes, braves heavy rain as she waits for the start of the memorial service.
Lesson #14   January 11, 2014

E-mail from Arthur:

Thank you for sharing the beautiful messages  from Nelson Mandela.  I have  said a prayer to the Creator -- if it is in my soul plan to give service to the children of Africa, then make me an instrument of teaching.

I have placed this request in the hands of our Mother/Father God and   allow him in his divine timing to answer this, and hold no expectation.

Radiant blessings to Nelson Mandela and you, and all who stand in the love and light of God.

Nazira:  I send greetings to Nelson Mandela who has left us, yet is still near.  Greetings.

Mandela:  Greetings.  It is my pleasure to join with you in conversation this day.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Questions to Mandela from Viewers Lesson #13

Questions to Mandela

from Viewers

Lesson #13   January 10, 2014

Nazira:  Nazira calling Nelson Mandela. Greetings.

Mandela:  Greetings to you, dear one.  What shall we discuss today?

Nazira:  Please sir, two people from Africa wish to ask you very timely questions.  Will you hear their questions now and answer them please?

Mandela: I am pleased to have the people greeting me from their homes. Let’s have the first question.

Nazira  Thank you. The first is a question from Wil…. in Africa.  I will be his voice, as I am your voice when you speak.



Através de Nazira
Janeiro 08, 2014
Mandela: Eu falo para o povo da África.

Quem te ensinou a odiar ?
Seu pai? Sua mãe?
Seu professor?
Uma tribo diferente?
Alguém de fora do seu país?
Onde estão aqueles que morreram com ódio em seus corações ?

Mandela: Querida Nazira, venha comigo. Vamos visitar um homem que tenha morrido com ódio em seu coração. Onde você acha que ele está agora?

Nazira: Eu já viajei para este lugar antes, com um Arcanjo. Ele me ensinou a ajudar aqueles que não conseguem aprender a amar sem alguma orientação angelical. Nós podemos ir juntos.

Mandela: Gostaria de me mostrar o caminho?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Who Will Teach Love? Lesson #12

Who Will Teach Love?

Lesson #12    January 9, 2014

Mandela Speaks:

Who will teach Love?
A child’s mother?
What if he has none?

The father?
What if he has become a soldier?

Then who will teach a child Love?
The caregivers?  So many children for so few caregivers.

But who will teach the children Love?
Are the Light Workers ready?

If Love is the greatest force in the world,
Is it appropriate to place

“Teach Love”

on all Agendas?

When there is Love in your heart, is shines in your eyes.
When there is Love in your heart, it becomes evident by your actions.
When there is Love in your heart, you show compassion, understanding, and goodwill..
Oprah Winfrey's Children

So who will teach the children love?
All who come their way.
Are you able to adopt an orphan?
Are you able to become a caregiver?
Will the governments place Childcare Expenses into their budget?
Will those with sufficient funds donate?

There comes a time when the life of a human being  --  when the face of a starving child is unbearable.  Something must be done.

The bankers and the corporations turn a blind eye.  They are the cause.
Governments provide excuses.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mandela Asks, Who Taught You to Hate? Lesson #11

Mandela Asks, Who Taught You to Hate?

Lesson #11  January 8, 2014

Nelson Mandela has died aged 95 

Mandela:  I speak to the people of Africa.

Who taught you to hate?
Your father?    Your mother?
Your teacher?
A different tribe?
Someone from outside your country?

Where are those who died with hate in their hearts?

Mandela:  Dear Nazira, come with me.  Let us visit a man who died with hate in his heart.  Where do you think he is now?

Nazira:  I have travelled to that place before, with an Archangel.  He taught me how to help those who cannot learn to love without some angelic guidance.  We can go together.

Mandela:  Would you like to show me the way?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mandela Visits Friends in Heaven -- Lesson #10

Mandela Visits Friends in Heaven

Lesson #10  January 7, 2014

Mandela:  Greetings, my special visitor, will you climb the heights with me today?

Nazira:  Greetings,  I will be happy to.

Mandela:  Let us visit some of my friends who came here before me.  Perhaps they would like to send a message home.  I found them yesterday.  One is my uncle Peter, who is enjoying raising chickens.  He was a chicken farmer on Earth.

Nazira:  [We “glided”over to Nelson’s friend .  He smiled broadly when we approached.]

Mandela:  This is a special lady who can walk on Earth and visit where you are.  She merely leaves her cloak and mantle at home when she comes here.  How long have you had your chicken farm?

Mandela Visita Amigos no Céu -- Lição #10



Através de Nazira
Janeiro 07, 2014

Mandela: Saudações, minha especial visitante, você vai subir as alturas comigo hoje?

Nazira: Saudações, ficaria feliz.

Mandela: Vamos visitar alguns dos meus amigos que chegaram aqui antes de mim. Talvez eles gostariam de enviar uma mensagem para casa. Encontrei-os ontem. Um deles é o meu tio Pedro, que está desfrutando sua criação de galinhas. Ele era um criador de galinhas na Terra.

Nazira: [Nós "deslizamos" até o amigo de Nelson. Ele abriu um largo sorriso quando nos aproximamos.]

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Day in the New Life of Nelson Mandela -- Lesson # 9

A Day in the New Life of Nelson Mandela

Lesson #9  January 6, 2014

Mandela:  Greetings, my new friend.  The sun shines brightly this morning.. Thank you for coming to visit me.

Nazira:  I prepare for your visit, then wait until you come to stand behind me as you teach.  Today you did not come, and therefore I have risen to a higher dimension to visit you.

Mandela:  You have lived many lives in this region of heaven.  Our Father’s house has many mansions, and we have chosen to meet each other half way, to make it pleasant for both of us.

It is much different to imagine what heaven is like, and to actually be here.  We can hardly express how pleasant the surroundings are.  My mother and father are overjoyed that I have joined them at last.  Sometimes we sit at a campfire and remember.  The greatest difference between the two worlds is that here there is only love, peace and joy.  No sorrow, no anger, only joy and cooperation.

Um dia na Nova Vida de Nelson Mandela -- Lição # 9

Um Dia na Nova Vida de Nelson Mandela

Lição #9  Janeiro 6, 2014

Mandela:  Saudações,minha nova amiga. O sol brilha plenamente esta manhã .. Obrigado, por vires visitar-me.

Nazira:  Preparo-me para a tua visita, depois espero até que te coloques ao meu lado enquanto ensinas. Hoje não vieste e, por essa razão, subi a uma dimensão mais alta para visitar-te.

Mandela:  Viveste muitas vidas nesta região do Céu. A residência do nosso Pai tem muitas mansões e escolhemos encontrar-nos a meio do caminho, para tornar agradável para ambos.

Imaginar o Céu, e realmente estar aqui,é muito diferente.  É difícil descrever como os arredores são agradáveis. A minha mãe e o meu pai regozijam-se por, finalmente, ter-me reunido a eles. Por vezes, sentamo-nos num acampamento e recordamos. A grande diferença entre os dois mundos, é que aqui só há amor, paz e alegria. Não há tristeza, zangas, apenas alegria e cooperação. 

Estamos sempre livres para fazermos o que desejamos. Alguns artistas gostam de sentar-se junto ao lago a pintar a paisagem. Outros vão para a Casa da Música, onde encontram os seus amigos músicos. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mandela Speaks of Grace and Kindness -- Lesson # 8

Mandela Speaks of Grace and Kindness

Television presenter Oprah Winfrey arrives for the birthday dinner party of former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela at Hyde Park in London June 25, 2008. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Lesson #8   January 6,  2014

Mandela:  Greetings, I am Nelson Mandela.

Nazira:  Greetings, I am aware of your gentle presence.

Mandela:  Today we will tell our people about the talent of grace.  In some places people are described as being gracious, polite, or considerate.  How you describe this characteristic or trait in a human person?

Nazira: You walked with dignity and grace, and yet you were always humble. To be gracious, some might say, is to be self-confident, well trained in the art of politeness, and considerate of others.

Mandela:  Do you feel that this is important?

Mandela Fala da Graça e da Bondade -- Lição # 8

Mandela Fala da Graça e da Bondade 

Television presenter Oprah Winfrey arrives for the birthday dinner party of former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela at Hyde Park in London June 25, 2008. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Lição #8   Janeiro 6,  2014

Mandela:  Saudações, sou Nelson Mandela.

Nazira: Saudações, estou ciente da tua presença bondosa.

Mandela:  Hoje falarei ao nosso povo sobre o talento da graça. Em alguns lugares as pessoas são descritas com sendo graciosas, educadas ou atenciosas. Como descreves essa característica ou traço da personalidade humana?

Nazira: Tu caminhaste com dignidade e graça e, mesmo assim, foste sempre despretensioso. Ser afável, como muitos dizem, é ser auto-confiante, bem treinado na arte das boas maneiras, e gentil para com os outros.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mandela Speaks About Where He Is -- Lesson # 7

Mandela Speaks About Where He Is


Nelson Mandela 

Lesson #7  - January 5, 2014

Mandela:  Greetings to everyone on Earth.  I am still here and might explain why.  When a person leaves the Earth to go somewhere else, he remembers many experiences that he had on Earth.  If they were very sad, he may wish to leave his past surroundings and move on to new ones

I want to remain with you for a while, because you have been very kind to me ever since I became ill.  I was aware of the great festivities that took place upon by breathing my last breath on Earth.

Mandela Fala Sobre Onde Está -- Lição # 7

Mandela Fala Sobre Onde Está


Nelson Mandela 

Lição #7  - Janeiro 5, 2014

Mandela Saudações a todos que estão na Terra. Ainda estou aqui e tenho de explicar porquê. Quando uma pessoa deixa a Terra para ir para algures, recorda muitas experiências que teve na Terra. Se foram tristes, deseja deixar esse ambiente do passado e partir para um ambiente novo.

Desejo permanecer convosco algum tempo, porque foram muito carinhosos comigo, quando fiquei doente. Estava ciente das festividades que ocorreram, quando dei o meu último sopro na Terra. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Mandela Speaks About Bravery - Lesson #6

Mandela Speaks About Bravery

Lesson #6 January 4, 2014

Mandela:  Do you wish to choose a topic for discussion today?

Nazira:  Oh no, sir.

Mandela:  Then we shall talk about bravery.  What is bravery?

Nazira:  Bravery is an attitude, followed by an act. It may be an emotional act such as saving a drowning child, or rushing into a burning building to save someone.

Mandela:  How can children be brave?

Nazira:  Will you speak to this, please?


Mandela Fala Sobre Coragem 

Lição #6 Janeiro 4, 2014

Mandela:  Desejas escolher im assunto para discutirmos hoje?

Nazira:  Oh, não, senhor.

Mandela:  Então iremos falar de bravura/coragem. Então o que é bravura?

Nazira:  Bravura é uma atitude, seguida de uma acção. Pode ser uma acção emocional, tal como salvar uma criança de morrer afogada, ou correr para um edifício a arder, para salvar alguém.

Mandela:  Como é que as crianças podem ser corajosas?

Mensagem de Ed - Lição #5




Ed:  Uaauu! São lições muito bonitas ...[As lições de Mandela]
Estás a trabalhar muito bem com Mandela ... tns uma ligação muito especial.
Está a chegar  informação ... Não tenho a certeza quem é o professor ... Perguntei e vejo que é Thotth, Mandela e Darius.

A Mensagem:

Mandela fala com a  Nazira como um filho fala com a Mãe ... o aspecto feminino ... fala comigo como um a pessoa que planeia/que resolve os problemas ... o aspecto masculino.

Entendo a minha responsabilidade neste processo ... que é criar um novo sistema de aprendizagem/de ensino, de maneira que as crianças se desenbolvam aos seu próprio ritmo.

Tem de haver muitos professores, talvez 1 professor para cada 5 crianças ... cada professor irá orientar as crianças com ensinamentos de acordo com os interesses individuais, com a personalidade, capacidade de aprendizagem, etc.



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