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Friday, August 22, 2014

Sananda Teaches Proper Personality Traits of an Ascended Light Worker

Sananda Teaches Proper Personality Traits
of an Ascended Light Worker

Temperament is a character
or a personality trait.

Work tirelessly indicates two attributes –
good health and enthusiasm.

Gratitude comes from the heart.

Forgetfulness is a common trait for seniors.

Nostalgia may be eliminated.

Being Human -- be gracious,
self-assured, loving, kind, and joyful.

Sananda:  Several will address you before your sojourn to higher destinations.  Today let us discusstemperament.  Temperament is a character or a personality trait.  A person who is a mood-swinger has a temperament problem.  Those who are continually filled with joy are the most fortunate. Your temperament is a joyful one.  It can be willed to be knowingly joyful throughout the day and as you fall asleep.  Will you enjoy such a lesson?

H: Yes indeed.

Sananda:  We will discuss this in a  manner such that others may also gain by listening or reading. This is a preparatory work to be shared with Light Workers.

To work tirelessly indicates two attributes – good health and enthusiasm.  It is natural to become weary.  However, some Light Workers continue even though they are weary.  At your precious age, this is to be avoided.  Make it a plan to rest before you become weary.

Sananda:  Gratitude is another trait trait that many Light Workers have.  Gratitude comes from the heart, and is expressed by a smile, a kind look, hands clasped in prayer, and words of gratitude. Your sense of gratitude is exquisite.  Hold on to that trait, even when there appears to be little to be grateful for.  If you wish to teach others, do so by example.

Forgetfulness is a common trait for seniors.  A proper diet assists the brain to function.  There are many books available to assist.  May I recommend that you return to those foods that stimulate neuron activity, so that your memory will remain active for many years to come.

Nostalgia is a common trait of seniors.  

While it passes the time and can be the source of good stories and excellent conversations, unless it has a purpose, it may be eliminated.  Replace it with ever looking forward, learning what is in store during the coming decades, and preparing for those carefree days.

The last item is the concept of being human.  It is true, you are a human being.  However, you are much more.  You are a conscious, aware, loving, intelligent citizen of Heaven, who has temporarily developed wings with which to fly to Earth.  Soon you will return.  Begin now to take on the characteristics of an ascended being -- be gracious, self-assured, loving, kind, and joyful.  Those Masters who have resurrected and have returned, such as St. Germain, show every characteristic of being a living human being.  However, they express in Heavenly terms, in Heavenly language.  It will soon be time to begin to speak the language of Heaven.  These are the hints you may pass on to others today.

H:  Thank you very much.

August 18 2014

Helen Engel

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