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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Amaterasu, St. Germain Galactic Communicator, Dodeca Energy and Ascension

Amaterasu, St. Germain
Galactic Communicator,
Dodeca Energy and Ascension
Nazira:  [I connect with the Galactic Intercommunicator above my home for the purpose of communicating with Angel Leia, Uuton and Amaterasu and to receive guidance re coming events.  My station is open.  I smile broadly. Amaterasu comes.  Amaterasu is Goddess of Light in the Elemental Kingdom, Angel Leia serves as messenger between Creator and Light Workers, Uuton is Master of the Elemental Energies.]

Amaterasu:  Greetings and salutations to Earth Workers.  Have you heard the news?

N:  Please repeat for our people.

Amaterasu:  The winds have died down.  The water turbulence has subsided.  Peace is returning to the atmosphere.

N:  Thank you for sharing.  I personally was unaware.

Amaterasu:  Great beings have been working intensively.  The sea creatures have added their energy, as well as the winged ones.  

N:  I bow in thanksgiving.  And what did Angel Leia, you and Uuton do?

Amaterasu:  We did what we do best.  We called the Elements and the Elementals to Arms, as you would say.  They were twice as busy as the honey bees, and even quicker than the ants.

N:  Will you thank them for us?

Amaterasu:   Come with me.  We will thank them together.

N: [I hopped into Amaterasu's vehicle that was parked  beside me.  I am not sure whether I became smaller or that the vehicle became larger.  Off we went to an island in the South Pacific.]

Amaterasu:  We will go first to the Indian Ocean.

N:  [What a ride.  In one moment I was conscious of a whirring, and in the next moment I was unconscious, and remained that way until the vehicle stopped.  I could see what might be tropical verdure (plants).  Amaterasu was aware that I was timid to enter the jungle.  Immediately a small shuttle craft landed near us.  We entered, and were whisked away to a small ancient city.  There were monks in saffron robes walking about, and some of them greeted us.  What a sight, what a view.  An ancient building, immaculate grounds, peacefulness and love.  It almost took my breath away.

[Three monks approached the shuttle, the doors opened, they clasped hands and bowed silently.


[Or hearts blended in the holy silence.   We communicated to each other telepathically.  One of the monks stated, "You have come when we called." 

N:  [I was not aware that he had called.  I was only aware that I had come because Amaterasu had brought me.]

Amaterasu:  The land of the silent people has been given partial responsibility for the care and supervision of the Elemental Beings.  If and when the rest of mankind becomes aware, this responsibility will be shared.] 

N:  I greet you with great respect.

N:  [The monk bowed   He pointed to a grove.  We followed.  This had to be the Garden of Eden.  Statues, ponds, fountains, exotic birds and butterflies, the songs of birds, animals, frogs -- nature's symphony.   I asked whether  I could sit down; it was more than my senses could handle.  Oh, if my clairvoyant buddies were here.]

[Uuton had spirited himself off to a small speaking dais.  The Elemental Kingdom was presented -- fairies, gnomes, elves and devas.   They arranged themselves appropriately in a circle around the dais.  Silence.  A raindrop would have sounded like a thunder bolt. 

[And then she appeared.  I looked up and held my breath, as she descended from a small cloud.  Shining, arms lifted upward, robed in gossamer light mauve with pink ribbons, carrying a pink rose.] 

N:  [Who is she, I thought to myself.  Someone spoke to my mind.]

"She is the Feminine Goddess of the Nature Spirits."

Someone special indeed.  She expanded to become sufficiently tall so that she stood beside Uuton at the dais.  They bowed to each other, respectfully and lovingly.   Silence reigned.  The Power of Love created this holy place, and the Power of Love sustained it.  Uuton sent me a silent telepathic message.]

Uuton:  The Power of Love that you feel here, will be unleashed upon the Earth.  Mother Gaia will breathe only this Love for several days.  We will transform hate energy into Love Energy.  A mist of light mauve will appear over silent pools and quiet lakes.  You will know this is occurring.

N:  [For a fleeting moment I was allowed to see millions and millions of what you might call golden crystals, or Dodeca units, arising out of an opening or a portal in the Earth -- reflecting all the colors of the rainbow, dancing about as they jostled out of the portal.  They rose and swirled above us.  For at least 20 minutes these tiny units of Light and Love energy that had been assembled in Inner Earth, flowed out of the Earth to begin their mission -- to heal.  My heart beat in an almost rotary fashion;  I thought it would burst.   All of this for us, who have caused the pain and suffering to Gaia.  Her motion or movement created a hum.  This is the hum that a group of us heard when we were privileged to foresee the instrument that will give mankind a communication device with which he will communicate with the Invisible Kingdom, from the smallest elemental, to the Divine Councils.  As the hum became modulated, the pale mauve hues turned to pink. 

[At last I understood.  This spot, this private, sacred place, with its secret portal, is one of the sources through which newly created bits of Love Energy are sent out upon Earth.  This is where they are released.  This is where the Creation of the New Earth begins.

[Why am I privileged to observe this moment in Eternal Time?   Suddenly St. Germain appears before me.  I break out in tears.  I bow my head.]

St Germain:  You have observed Truth.  You have observed the Creation of the New Earth.  And yes, it will be composed of Dodeca units, the energy that you have named.  Think not that this is an accidental occurrence -- THIS IS THE BEGINNING.

You may tell the world this:

Only the pure of heart will remain.
Only those who can vibrate
in tones of pink, mauve,
indigo, purple and violet
will have the strength to survive,
as the new elementals duplicate and
become the normal frequencies on Earth.

There will be more lessons later.  This is the beginning.  This is Lesson One of an Ascension Series.
N:  Thank you. 

Recorded by Nazira

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