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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Visit to George W. Bush, Sr. April 12 2014 By Nazira

A Visit to George W. Bush, Sr.
April 12  2014  
By Nazira

N:  I rarely request Archangels to communicate with me.  However, I have a request for Archangel Gabriel.  I wish to communicate with him regarding E..... and Gabriella, and their ability to serve, especially now with the Bush episode.  If it is permissible and proper, I ask that Archangel Gabriel will communicate with me now.

Gabriel:  Yes my beloved.  We are observing you.  May we be of assistance?

N:  Greetings. Thank you for allowing me to speak with you.  I am not troubled.  I merely am not aware of a specific direction with regard to E....., Gabriella and your works with humans for the people on Earth.  My mind sometimes gives hints that they would make a wonderful pair to work with you.  That is what I wonder about.  I am not certain whether Archangel Gabriel or Archangel Michael is involved.

Angel:  It is neither.  It is you who may take action.

N:  Please explain.

Angel:  The feminine aspect will alter the mind of George Bush Sr.  The feminine mind brings up new truths that are always available.  Come with me and we shall observe this man.

N: [The angel escorted me to a one-floor villa or estate. The  man Bush was in a soft, comfortable chair, looking out the window.  He was musing.]
Angel:  We will not really disturb him.  We will place our ideas and suggestions in front of him, just in case he regards other worlds, other kingdoms, other realities.

Angel:  The human mind is a wondrous thing  It can remain fixed with an obsession for decades.  It can drop an idea in an instant.  It can alter the physical and emotional status of a particular human being where the mind is temporarily housed.

We see here a man at the winding down of his life.  This is the time of remembrance.  What is he remembering?  It is at this time that we shall enter the picture.  We will show him power, with ruthlessness attached to it.  We are showing him cunningness, with innocence looking on.  We show him to himself as a superior, with what he regards as inferiors gathered around. 

What is the particular thread running through this View Tube?  It is that the reaction to one action is painful.  We lay this on the line in front of this man.  He picks up the threads and observes. He had never thought of the consequences – that his actions almost always brought pain of one sort or another.  To diminish the population of human beings on Earth was a necessity -- one does not regard pain as a reaction.  However, we confront this before with the thought, and he regards it.  He thinks to himself, “What can I do? Africa is over-populated.  What else can we do?”

We lay before his mind a land with gardens and fields, each family with a plot of land on which they can grow the food they eat. The man Bush looks up.  He had never thought of that.  He looks down, as if observing decisions made.

N:  [I feel sorry for this man who may never have felt purity of heart and body, and humble innocence of mind.]

Angel:  [Reading my mind.]  Yes, you may now show him purity of heart and body, and humble innocence of mind.

N: [I projected an image of his own granddaughters in such a state, when they were very young.  The man rubbed his eyes.  He was beginning to see.  He thought to himself, “What would have occurred to them if they had become like some of the Kennedy women, completely involving themselves in assisting those who have nothing, are worth nothing, and cannot speak for themselves.”  The man looks up, as if to see his girls in such a significant role.]

N:  [The angels and I were very fortunate.  We could affect this man further.  He lay his head back, and dozed off for a few minutes.  The angels immediately engaged his resting mind with a full screen of loving views, of children, friends.  And one thing more – love.  These attributes became lodged into what was already in his mind, like olives pushed onto an egg salad sandwich.  Flashes of scenes of nurses caring for the sick, the wounded, the dying ......]

N:  [I shall stop here.  I get the idea.  I will attempt to visit George W. Bush, Sr. in an invisible state.  I wish that I had someone to accompany me, either my sister Mary Ann or St. Joan of Arc.  They have great talent in this type of mind alteration.  I thanked the Angels and said goodnight.]

11 April 2014
GW Bush Snr Action taken

After reading the transcripts by Paula Humpfry  from the channellings through Dr Kathrine May regarding GW Bush snr from Archangel Michael, I knew exactly what I needed to do.
I had to put together a ceremony removing all soul contracts attached to GW Bush snr that he has contracted in his existence.

I contacted higher beings (I am not sure who all was there about 8 beings) and had round table discussions with them regarding the situation.

E: Is this being Bush an evil entity here on earth?

Council: Yes

E: Does he know that he is in higher dimensions a being of light?

C: No

E: Will it help if I have a ceremony to remove all his soul contracts to free him from the dark?

C: Yes…that would be the single greatest action any being can gift to assist any one to evolve toward the light

E: What if he decides to stay within the dark…will revoking his soul contracts not have a negative effect

C: No…removal of soul contacts will remove the hold of the dark on Bush. It will only have positive results

E: Thank you for your guidance…I will sleep on this and I will know exactly what to do…blessings to you all

C: Blessings Ed

I went to bed with the issue at hand and woken from dreamstate knowing what to do. I went to the beach with the Soul revocation document from Andrew Bartzis. I entered the kingdom of elementals next to the lagoon, a beautiful milkwood forest. I asked permission from the old guard at the entrance and explained to him what my intentions are. He was excited about the project and welcomed me into his village. I cleared a little area and made a small fire. I then sat in front of the fire and invited all elementals, wind, fire, water and earth. I also invited all beings from earth…. below, above and in the air and water. I also invited all beings from all planets, moons, stars, suns, galaxies and the universe and universes beyond. I asked all beings present to bear witness to claiming Universal Sovereignty for the being GW Bush snr. There were trillion upon trillions of beings present. It then struck me that the ultimate gift to all beings in the entire universe and beyond is to claim sovereignty for each and every single being. I dedicated the Soul revocation to all present and not present…and particularly for Bush.  I went ahead and read the 16 page document…it was a momentous event….everyone is free from trillions of years of contracts. All that each individual have to do is claim their sovereignty by recognising their individual freedom….WOW…. this was such an amazing feeling…it has completely drained me physically, mentally and dimensionally…IT IS DONE…. We are all free…just say it…

GW Bush Snr is freed from his dark hat contracts…he can now turn around and serve the people on earth and assist them in the process of freeing them from their prisons of fear. He has lots of work to do to, repay his wrongs…

After this ceremony I slowly walked back home along the beach...I saw a school of dolphins about a kilometer from land...I stood still looking at them, opened my heart and invited them to come closer...they came closer...the whole school came probably 300m from shore...there were hundreds of them 

The magic has become visible again…just open your eyes…you will see it everywhere

That is all

Channeled by Ed

This series is
copyright, with permission to share complete messages,
 indicating authors.

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