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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The People Speak to Mandela Lesson #14

The People Speak to Mandela

 A woman, with tears in her eyes, braves heavy rain as she waits for the start of the memorial service.
Lesson #14   January 11, 2014

E-mail from Arthur:

Thank you for sharing the beautiful messages  from Nelson Mandela.  I have  said a prayer to the Creator -- if it is in my soul plan to give service to the children of Africa, then make me an instrument of teaching.

I have placed this request in the hands of our Mother/Father God and   allow him in his divine timing to answer this, and hold no expectation.

Radiant blessings to Nelson Mandela and you, and all who stand in the love and light of God.

Nazira:  I send greetings to Nelson Mandela who has left us, yet is still near.  Greetings.

Mandela:  Greetings.  It is my pleasure to join with you in conversation this day.

Nazira:  Thank you.  I have received a request from a teacher, in which he asks that he may become ‘an instrument of teaching’.  Will you kindly speak to him?

Mandela Speaks:

Mandela:  In this world of ours, broken and bent as it may be, there are stout hearts, with intelligent minds. who hold the firmament. lest we fall deeper into darkness.  These are the teachers on Earth.

How much we need teachers in Africa.  The children are anxious to learn skills.  There is a great awakening at the present time, and in a few years thousands of schools will be built.  The minds of the children will grow, and they will become productive.

Let me say this:  He who offers his time to teach the children, is greater than a warrior, who principally learns how to kill.. Let every soldier return home, let him teach his children the skills he has learned from his parents..  Let him join with others in the community to build schools, and urge that education receive its proper place in the annual budget of the government.

Is there a way to call this man to Africa?  Do we have communication lines open with other teachers in other countries?  How long will it take to train our own citizens to become teachers?  Let us begin to plan NOW.

For a short time, allow Nazira’s email address to serve as the link between teachers and governments, so that no volunteer is lost.  The teachers of the world will assist, because they are generous at heart, and appreciate serving when much good comes from their efforts.

Funds will be arriving soon.

Volunteer now.

I am Nelson Mandela, and I speak for the children of Africa.

Nazira:  Thank you very much.

Recorded and transcribed by Nazira,
A telepath who lived several lives in Africa

Interested people with similar skills may write to:

This series is
copyright, with permission to share complete messages,
 indicating authors.

We are asking for African volunteer translators wishing to join us in this big ‘joint-venture’ with Tata Madiba.

Many thanks in advance, You are dearly welcome.

Kindly email to

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