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Friday, January 10, 2014

Questions to Mandela from Viewers Lesson #13

Questions to Mandela

from Viewers

Lesson #13   January 10, 2014

Nazira:  Nazira calling Nelson Mandela. Greetings.

Mandela:  Greetings to you, dear one.  What shall we discuss today?

Nazira:  Please sir, two people from Africa wish to ask you very timely questions.  Will you hear their questions now and answer them please?

Mandela: I am pleased to have the people greeting me from their homes. Let’s have the first question.

Nazira  Thank you. The first is a question from Wil…. in Africa.  I will be his voice, as I am your voice when you speak.

Wil….:  My question to Nelson Mandela:

I have many dreams communicating with my dead relatives. My father died when I was only 3.  I wanna find out where he is now.  Before he died he said that even if he will die he won’t leave us, so I wonder if he is still earth bound. Please can you do some reading about my father’s soul. Thank you so much

Mandela:  Many people will accept dreams, but it is a new thought to be able to communicate back and forth, from Earth to Heaven.   However, this is possible.  Our religious leaders have built walls around Earth, for their own private reasons.  Now we are breaking those walls down.  Those who feel more comfortable with Earth remaining isolated from the rest of our Universe may believe this for a few years more, if they wish.

I tell you that your father comes to Earth from time to time.  He loved the Earth.  He loved the sky, the clouds, and the trees.  When he passed over he manifested scenery similar to what was on Earth.  People can do that.  On the other side, everything is manifested using mind, without nuts and bolts.

When your father visits his relatives, they are not aware of his presence.  He is advanced to the state that he brings peace and love.  Send love to the person you believe your father was. His body is now a light body and it may not appear the same as his physical body was. 

If the time comes when you will be able to take a few telepathy lessons, you might be able to communicate with your father. He also needs to learn how to send thought messages to Earth, that you will pick up and be aware of.

None of these will be necessary when you ascend.  Your father will be waiting for you with open arms. Be at peace, spread love.

Nazira:  Thank you very much.

The next question is a proposal. It comes from Bo…..a woman in Africa who is a tailor.  She wonders whether her skills will be useful.  This is her question.

Bo….:  I believe that the bridge will be to teach skills to the women again, like sewing, knitting , planting.  It will bring joy and trust back, and a sense of belonging, call it a past life thing with Africa.  When they create, it is like the ancestors is smiling on them.  Is there anything I can do?

Mandela:  Thank you, Bo….  You may be opening a group effort in Africa, where many women with the skills you mention, will communicate as a group, to teach young women and their children. 

When governments are restructured to serve the people, women like yourself will find ways and means to begin classes to your own communities.  You will receive funding.  It begins with one person;  you add two more, and the group grows to six members. You practise group thought, group planning, group action, and group governance under Divine guidance.  The telepaths will provide Divine guidance.

You have planted the seed in your heart.  Let it grow, find a friend who feels the same as you, and when you have a plan, contact me again.   Ancestors will come to guide you.

Nazira:  Thank you very much.

Mandela;  Blessings to all.

Recorded and transcribed by Nazira,
A telepath who lived several lives in Africa

This series is
copyright, with permission to share complete messages,
 indicating authors.

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