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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Nazira Speaks About Telepathy

Nazira Speaks About Telepathy

January 15, 2014

Nazira: Today we will consider whether or not people on Earth can communicate with their loved ones on the other side of the veil between Earth and Heaven.  These are our ancestors.  Ancestors can go back thousands of years.

To even think such a thought may require new thought forms.  Thoughts are things – energy that can move from one place to another.  Angry thought forms take on the shape of red daggers, and we can almost feel the anger that is in the thought form.  Loving thought forms are pink and fluffy.  A mother and child are surrounded by loving pink thought forms.

These thought forms can be sent long distances.  We say, “I picked up your thoughts.”  Is it too far out to accept that a thought form can travel through the veil between Heaven and Earth?  Or even to a distant planet?

There is another thought form that will soon be accepted. That is the principle of reincarnation, or living several lives.  Hypnotherapists assist a client to open memory banks of a past life where she was burned to death at the stake.  By reliving, or remembering, the client is able to put the memory in the correct perspective, and fire no longer frightens her. 

In one lifetime I was Sarah, the wife of Abraham.  I communicate quite regularly with Abraham.  He tells me that there will be no peace on Earth until the two sons of Abraham reconcile.  Rumor has it that these two men have returned, and are working towards that reconciliation.

Sananda Jesus sent me to Salt Lake City in 2005 and in 2006, and asked me to persuade the Mormon Church to accept reincarnation and telepathy in their dogma.  Unfortunately I was not successful.  However, I did channel the founders of the Mormon Church.  One of them was John the Baptist returned.  I recorded their messages into a book, but the book is still waiting to be printed. 

The following is a transcript of a telepathic conversation with Ancient of Days, one of the Keepers of the Ancient Records, from my book “Moroni Sounds the Trumpet”.

Nazira:  In the annals of time there are many records.  Those records are also kept in Heaven, where the record of mankind is called the Akashic Record.  It is as if each person has a file, or a drawer, and you approach the Ancient of Days and ask to see the record of a certain person.  If that record is not barred for some reason (if the holder of that record is willing to release his history) the Ancient of Days opens the drawer and you are permitted to perceive the various lives of the individual of whom you are now inquiring.  I ask Ancient of Days whether I may perceive the history of Sidney Rigdon, one of the founders of the Mormon Church.

Ancient of Days:  Greetings.  You asked about Sidney Rigdon.  He is allowing us to perceive his past lives.  The drawer is completely full.  At one time he was in the Garden of Eden working with the new civilization placed there by God.  Then there was a time when he left and he walked with Noah, down the mountain, on the south side.  Many were on the north side.  He lived several lives there, the names of which are not recorded and therefore would not be known.  According to the record he was a servant under Melchizedekand came to Jerushalem, as it was called at that time.  He served under King David as a warrior, and was chosen to come to the new land.

Nazira:  I had intended to ask Mandela about telepathy, but have used up my space. More next time.

Recorded and transcribed by Nazira,
A telepath who lived several lives in Africa

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