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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Message from Ole .. by Nazira

Message from Ole..

Nazira:  [Jan… of Lithuania writes that her husband Ole…, who was clairvoyant, passed over in 2006.  She wonders whether Mandela might be able to contact him. Archangel Gabriel escorted Mandela and me to the Valley of Sorrows recently.  I wonder whether Gabriel is willing to accompany us through the veil again, to visit her husband.]

Nazira:  Greetings, Nelson Mandela.

Mandela:  Greetings, thank you for calling me.

Nazira:  Have you had interesting experiences since we last spoke together?

Mandela:  Yes.  I visited with my parents, and with people who were our neighbors when I was a child.  They observe activities on Earth and sent greetings to our relations.  Families are very important on the other side, and our ancestors offer much love as soon as you join them.  What do you wish me to do?

Nazira:  I will call on Archangel or Sananda to see whether this is a suitable time for one of them to escort us to visit a man who has been on the other side for about seven years.

Nazira: Nazira calling Archangel Gabriel or Sananda, or both, regarding a visit through the veil to visit the husband of Jan… from Lithuania.

Nazira:  [Gabriel and Sananda “float” toward us, hands graciously extended forward. They are beautiful to behold]

Gabriel:  Greetings to you, little one.  We came as soon as we heard your call.

Nazira:  [I sent them an energized thought form.]  You are most gracious.  Is it possible that Jan… could hear from her husband?  Will he describe his surroundings to her?

Gabriel:  We will be glad to escort you.

Nazira:  [We “float” through a slightly wooded area. There are many walkways, it is a sunny, warm day.  Many persons are sitting on soft garden chairs.  We come up to a man who is speaking with four persons.  He motions with his hands, as if describing something.  He recognizes Sananda Jesus with Archangel Gabriel.

Ole…:  My Lord, my Lord Jesus. It is you.,

Nazira:  [He kneels at the feet of Sananda Jesus.  Sananda holds his hands out, asking him to rise.]

Sananda:  Are you well?

Ole…:  I am as if I am 18 years of age.  I run, play tennis, and jog. Sometimes I go for a swim, and sometimes I attend at the opera.  This is a wonderful place, every minute is wonderful.

Sananda Jesus:  Do you use your clairvoyant talents?

Ole…: I am learning that when we are on Earth, we see with our bodily eyes.  When we move to a higher dimension, a new set of eyes is provided to us.  They are much better than the clairvoyant eyes that I used on Earth.

Nazira:  [Sananda Jesus smiled. He looked at Mandela.]

Sananda:  Welcome again, my friend. Are you meeting many friends?

Mandela:  Oh yes. They run up to me as soon as they see me coming.  We will be attending some African music at the Music Hall in a few hours.

Nazira:  [Sananda looked at me, came closer, looked into my eyes.]  Are your eyes troubling you, my beloved?

Nazira:  Yes, Master.

Sananda:  Allow me.

Nazira: [He placed his palms on my eyes. I held back tears.]

Sananda:  They will be fine in a few days.  Continue with your good works.

Nazira:  Thank you, my Lord.

Gabriel:  Is there something you wish to say to your wife?

Ole…:  Yes please tell her that I am well, and miss her.  I have met our relatives, and I urge her to enjoy life, until she joins me.

Nazira:  I will tell her. Thank you for escorting us.  Hopefully we may be allowed to come again.  Farewell.

Recorded and transcribed by Nazira,
A telepath who lived several lives in Africa

This series is
copyright, with permission to share complete messages,
 indicating authors.

We are asking for African volunteer translators wishing to join us in this big ‘joint-venture’ with Tata Madiba.
Many thanks in advance, You are dearly welcome.

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