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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mandela Asks, Who Taught You to Hate? Lesson #11

Mandela Asks, Who Taught You to Hate?

Lesson #11  January 8, 2014

Nelson Mandela has died aged 95 

Mandela:  I speak to the people of Africa.

Who taught you to hate?
Your father?    Your mother?
Your teacher?
A different tribe?
Someone from outside your country?

Where are those who died with hate in their hearts?

Mandela:  Dear Nazira, come with me.  Let us visit a man who died with hate in his heart.  Where do you think he is now?

Nazira:  I have travelled to that place before, with an Archangel.  He taught me how to help those who cannot learn to love without some angelic guidance.  We can go together.

Mandela:  Would you like to show me the way?

Nazira: No, sir.  An archangel must accompany us, until we are approved to go by ourselves.  I will call Archangel Gabriel, he is my Protector.

Nazira:  [Archangel stands before us, very tall, gowned in cream and gold.]

Gabriel:  Greetings, little one.  Do you have a new assignment today?

Nazira:  Nelson Mandela, newly arrived, would like to visit a young man in Africa who cannot remove hate from his heart.  He thinks that perhaps he can help the young man.

Gabriel:  Come with me.

Nazira:   [We “glide” to a gate, Gabriel opens it and we pass through.  Immediately we glide downward, into what appears to be a lonely valley.  There are rocks and gravel on the ground, no trees, it is damp and dreary.  Mandela points to a young African.]

Mandela:  I would like to visit him
Nazira:  [Gabriel steps back, allowing us to visit the young man alone.]

Mandela:  [Speaking to the young man.]  Greetings, I am Nelson Mandela.

Young Man:  I don’t care who you are.

Mandela:  Are you alone?

Young Man:  None of your business.

Mandela:  How long have you been here?

Young Man:  Too long.

Mandela:  What is your name?

Young man:  Nobody.

Mandela:  [Looks for Archangel Gabriel.  He cannot see him.  He looks at me with an inquisitive look.]

Young Man:  Who are you?

Nazira:  [Because I have left my cloak and mantle at home, I appear to him as an angel.]

Young Man:  Are you an angel?

Nazira:  I am to you.  We have come to take you from here.

Young Man:  They will shoot us if we try to escape.

Nazira:  Who will shoot you?

Young Man:  The enemy.

Nazira:  There is no one else here.

Young Man:  They are behind the rocks.

Nazira:  Do you see that light over there [pointing].

Young Man:  It’s always there.  It doesn’t mean anything.

Nazira:  Go to the light.  If you wish, Nelson Mandela and I will go with you.

Young Man:  [Looked at both of us.]  You are not bad people.

Mandela:  Son, I know what it is like to hate.  Some hateful people put me in prison for 27 years.

Young Man:  Are you Nelson Mandela?

Mandela:  Yes son, I am.  The angel and I want to show you what love is, so that you can have some of it.

Young Man:  [He looked at us, as if he was thinking,What have I got to lose?]  Why is that light always there?

Mandela:  Let’s walk to it and see.

Nazira:  [Mandela walked with Young Man, I strolled behind.  They talked together, but I did not hear.  As they approached, the light got brighter.]

Mandela:  Go ahead.  Walk into the light.

Nazira:  [Archangel Gabriel approached.]

Gabriel:  Young man, there is someone on the other side who loves you, and wants you to come.

Nazira:  [Young Man looked at Archangel Gabriel in great surprise.]

Young Man:  You are a real Angel.  Where am I?

Gabriel:  You have left your body on Earth.  You are in another place.

Young Man:  Where?

Gabriel:  Your mother is waiting for you on the other side.

Young Man:  I do not know my mother.  She died when I was a baby.

Gabriel:  You are not on Earth.  You are where she is.

Young Man:  Could I see her face?

Gabriel:  Go into the Light and see for yourself.

Young Man:  [Walked quickly into the Light.]

Nazira:  [Mandela, Gabriel and I heard a loud, joyful cry, “My son, my son, my son!”]

Nazira:  [We smiled at each other, and slowly left the Valley of Sorrows.]

Nazira:  [When I finished the last words of the message, I found my eyes filled with tears.  I ran for a Kleenex.]

Recorded and transcribed by Nazira,
A telepath who lived several lives in Africa

This series is
copyright, with permission to share complete messages,
 indicating authors.

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